How to Use a Pendulum to Communicate With Your Higher Self

How to Use a Pendulum to Communicate With Your Higher Self

Pendulum divination – An introduction

This is not a recent invention by any means. People in ancient times had used this very same method to locate underground water and find lost objects. Pendulum divination, commonly known as dowsing, is a technique in which the user, known as the dowser, obtains the answers to some specific yes/no (and many more) questions by means of a pendulum or divining rod. Radiesthesia is another less commonly used name for pendulum divination.

Though pendulum divination is an age old practice, people all over the world have recently started using pendulums to communicate with their higher self/subconscious mind/guide, you name it. Some even use this technique to communicate with spirits, angels and deceased loved ones. We recommend however, only using your pendulum to speak with your higher self and being guided by him on what is going on with yourself.

How it works

Though it may sound like the pendulum does all the work, it is actually your higher-self coming through your sub-conscious that actually answers your questions. Hence it is important that your conscious mind is devoid of any mental blocks or doubts regarding the question you are about to ask. The pendulum actually uses our own energy to provide the answers. It is important to put aside our ego (or what we want to be answered) and be in a higher, calm state instead.

Dowsing instruments, like pendulums, are affected by the human nervous system. In other words, there exists an involuntary movement of muscles that affect the pendulum’s movement. This movement is prompted by the sub-conscious in response to questions posed. In either a positive or negative swinging direction.

Concerning the accuracy of this technique, reports suggest that it can be anywhere from accurate to completely inaccurate. If dowsing is used in the correct manner, devoid of any subconscious blocks, the results can be more or less accurate. But in scenarios where our emotions and egos are deeply attached to the outcome, they may not be so. As such, pendulums are mostly reliable regarding assistance with informed choices.

Instructions for using a pendulum

If you are a first time user of the pendulum, you need to know what a yes and no in the pendulum looks like.

For this, hold the pendulum with the weight hanging down from it and say, “Show me what a yes answer looks like.”

Note how it moves. It may move in different directions like clockwise, anti-clockwise, horizontally or vertically. It will usually spin in a clockwise motion for yes and an anti-clockwise motion for no.

It is preferable to test the outcome several times until you are sure it is the correct signal. Once you have received a ‘yes’ signal, repeat the same procedure for other signals like no, and not sure.

When communicating with your Higher Self, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to separate yourself from thoughts and feelings regarding the outcome of the answer. This will lessen the chances of you messing up with the pendulum’s answer.

Another thing to be noted is that we need to ask the right questions for the pendulum to answer correctly. Remember the pendulum is only communicating positive and negative answers from your greater good and in Yes/No replies. the questions need to therefore be posed as such. Eg. “Do I currently have any negative spirits attached to my energy?” “Yes!” “Do I have one negative spirit attached?” “No!” “Do I have 2 negative spirits currently attached?” “Yes!” and so on.

What you do not want to do is pose question whereby it is not a yes or no answer eg. “How many spirits are currently attached to this house?” “How many calories in this piece of cake?”

Here is an example of testing a food item using a pendulum:

Pendulums are a conduit to the higher self so you can ask him any question you want regarding your life, and this doesn’t just have to be related to spirit release. You can even use a pendulum to ascertain whether a food is healthy or indeed you are allergic to it.

Placing your pendulum over food and asking yes and no questions will give you quick answers to food intolerances or food that is not suited to you.

Instructions to use a pendulum to find out whether you have a spirit attachment



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