Spirit Release Script

Spirit Release Script

This is a bare bones script you can use if you feel that you have an immediate need for a spirit release. This is advised to anyone that wishes to try it. You are working directly with your higher self and Archangel Michael to clear and heal yourself, which if you keep having problems can help.

However, this can be difficult to someone who has not done it before or who is not confident with what is known as ‘connection to spirit,’ or you could have a difficult attachment which you cannot clear yourself. This can also cause problems as those new to communicating with their higher self are sometimes unable to tell if they have been successful independently.

For this group of people it is recommended you do a 1-hour training session with one of our trained guides, to establish your connection to higher self. Alternatively you can also try a pendulum.

Pendulum dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is an ancient way to communicate with spirit and higher self, although is actually just these elements coming through your sub-conscious. This results in an unconscious hand movement in a positive or negative, read the pendulum dowsing guide here.

This will give you yes and no answers from your higher self. This is a good way for those not in tune yet to communicate with their sub-conscious. Over time you shouldn’t need it and will be able to distinguish from within yes or no replies. This can also be achieved with a couple of sessions with ourselves.

Spirit release guide

I call upon Archangel Michael and also my Spirit guides and helpers.

Archangel Michael, I have _ negative/earthbound spirits attached to me, I now ask that you catch these negative/earthbound spirits in a net made of light.

Spirit guides and helpers I ask that you assist Archangel Michael and please also surround these spirits on all sides.

Archangel Michael, I do not want these spirits attached to my energy any longer and I am not consciously aware of any reason why they are attached to me.

They are therefore breaking Universal Law by attaching to a human against their will. I hereby also confirm this by cancelling any contracts I have with these entities in this lifetime, past lifetimes and future lifetimes.

Please now remove these negative/earthbound spirits and take them either to the portal of light, the womb of transformation or the place of confinement. Or wherever you wish to take them.

Spirit guides and helpers, can you please assist Archangel Michael and ensure that these entities leave.

I give thanks to Archangel Michael and my Spirit guides and helpers in clearing me today.

Cleansing guide

Call upon Archangel Raphael and Metatron, and the Healing Spiritual Masters, to come heal any harm or damage done to my mind, body, energy body, and all other parts of me that were damaged, while the entities were there.

Please also seal any leaks, unblock any blocks in my chakras, repair tears or holes in my chakras and aura.

Please help heal all trauma and damage I’ve experienced in this or past lives.

I ask Archangel Michael, Uriel, and Metatron to go and find and bring back, all the parts of my Soul, Spirit, Psyche, Consciousness, energy bodies, and any part of me that was lost, stolen, traded, given or thrown away, or disassociated for any reason, at any point in time, in this or past or future lives.

I ask that Archangelic energy be infused with my chakras, aura, organs and cells and that it increase my energy frequency to 100%.

I give thanks of gratitude from my heart to you all for your help in clearing and healing me.