Spirit Attachment – Home or Land

Spirit Attachment – Home or Land

When spirits attach to land or property, those places we like to think of as secure and private are no longer just ours. Contrary to common belief, earthbound spirits, a.k.a. ghosts, can inhabit new as well as old houses, and follow even the most sceptical people home. In order to protect yourself from harmful spirits, it is important to know when you are in the presence of souls trapped in the material realm, the spirit’s intentions, and how to perform a cleansing ritual yourself.

Lost there way

Earthbound spirits are exactly as the name suggests: sentient spirit beings who have not crossed over into the higher plane of existence. These non-physical, non-human beings might be the conscious souls of humans, animals, or even angels, saints, demons, and other beings of higher or lower spirit realms. There are many explanations as to why a spirit might be lingering in this dimension, such as the spirit judging itself and feeling like it does not deserve to be in the light, wanting to stay to watch over loved ones, or being too shocked at their lifeless body to realise they have died.

The energy field of a certain place could attract spirits for whatever reason. They might have lived or died in the house they haunt, be drawn to the energetic history of an area (ex. previous owners with drug abuse, tragedy, or violence), or consider it a favourite place. Spirits don’t need a justification for why they are present; we just need to know how to deal with them.

spirit attachment land

Attracted to certain places

Often, spirits merely find comfort in surrounding themselves with aspects of physical life want and make themselves known to us because they are seeking help. However, it is important to not let them take control. Some spirits subsist on human will, seizing opportunities to exert power in our domain, even if they are being influenced by a higher vibrational light or dark force. Not only can spirits conduct typical paranormal activities that are popularized by horror movies, like moving and breaking items, making eerie noises, scratching, and introducing odours, but also spirits can also influence the hosts of the target structure on a deeper level.

It is not rare for spirits to affect people’s thoughts, emotions, habits, dreams, and health, sometimes causing fatigue or arthritis (especially if it is an older spirit), joint pain, heart conditions, and other forms of dis-ease.

Reclaim your property

Without permission, they have no power to wreak havoc on what is not theirs. Not asserting anything is just as useless as succumbing to helplessness, but by re-claiming your property, emphasising that you are not okay with the spirit interfering with your life, and steadfastly upholding these claims, the spirit will eventually retreat back to where it belongs. Sometimes, words are not enough, and it is necessary to perform a more encompassing cleanse. Smudging sage is an excellent way to remove negative energies, and doing this regularly will prevent lower density energies from returning or entering by naturally raising the vibration of your home.

Protecting yourself

In fact, any activity that raises your vibration is a good way to protect yourself. Incorporating healthy foods fitness into your life keeps you grounded and builds up a natural defence system. In addition, having a meditation practice can help you know your baseline mood and thought patterns so you are better able to recognise when something is off.

Getting help clearing a home or land

Releasing a spirit from a property is a sacred act, and intention plays a major role in the well-being of both human and incorporeal souls. If a spirit is present in you or someone you know’s home, any effort to deter the spirit will not have optimal results unless one comes from a place of love and not fear.

With the intention of welcoming only the highest, loving beings of light and Divine energy and releasing any spirits that are not serving the earthly realm in the highest and greatest good, spirits that are already present in a space can freely cross over and spirits that could potentially enter your home are no longer a threat.

As conscious beings, it is our mission to make peace with light and dark, life and death, earthly and spiritual, to fulfil all beings with a sense of belonging.

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