If spirit attachment is a recurring problem and causing distress in your life, this is a sign that you need to raise your energy or release cumulative negativity that is attracting them to you. We recommend anyone that is seeking spirit release more than twice in 1-3 months to instead seek an 'energetic' counselling session to address what could be the underlying issue.


Do not be led to believe by anyone that spirit attachment can be cured. Yes humans, houses, pets and places can be cleared of spirit entities, but what will determine the longevity of that is you. You are ultimately responsible for whether or not you are affected again. Clearing earthbound and negative energies can also be done by yourself. Read our guides or book a session with us and we will teach you how to do it.

Are you being affected by spirit attachment?

Are you being affected by spirit attachment?

Spirit attachment or release is a relatively new term for what was historically referred to by many scary sounding names. These often included the words ‘possession’, ‘exorcism’, ‘evil spirits’, ‘voodoo’ or ‘ghosts’.

In fact, although these attachments can cause problems, ranging from severe to noticeable, these spirits are nothing more than confused souls. These souls have simply lost their way for one reason or another. What they now need is guidance, help and understanding so that they can go on their way to where they are now supposed to be – which is not disrupting or interfering in your life.

We free and resolve problems with

  • Earthbound spirits, ghosts, lost souls
  • Thought forms
  • Psychic attack & negative energy
  • Curses, vows, cords and contracts
  • Ancestral patterns and past-life attachments
  • Inner-child fragments and soul retrieval

  • Satanic influences, dark forces and demons
  • Mind control programs and Implants
  • Entities and Clusters
  • ET’s & More Implants
  • Elementals
  • Ghosts in buildings, home, gardens & animals

We help people every day to free themselves of spirit attachment. This is done either through remote spirit release therapy or one-to-one sessions. Last year alone we helped over six hundred clients find a resolution for their spiritual healing. The average person has two attachments so that’s over one thousand souls who have now found peace.

In clearing these attachments you are not only helping yourself and clearing any negative symptoms of entity attachment, but you are also helping the trapped spirit move to a place of sovereignty and where they are truly meant to be. This ethos is at the core of what drives us and we plan on helping more people and souls get clear from what is often a situation or scenario unwanted by all involved.

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Working remotely

We often work remotely, this means that we can serve clients from all over the world. It also allows us to work quickly and effectively in diagnosing exactly what the situation is. Although this concept can be alien to those not familiar with spirit release, we are able to do this kind of work remotely as in the realm of energy we are not limited by space and time.

This is done by one of our trained spirit release guides, either through a skype call, telephone call or one-to-one meeting.

The work we do is always carried out with the utmost compassion and respect for all those involved. We believe that all souls, energies and people deserve to be respected and cared for while working towards a conclusion that will be for the greater good of all those involved.


What to expect

Spirit attachment is not an exact science. If you find that you are having problems and suspect spirit attachment to be the cause, this can easily be diagnosed. The longevity is obviously case specific as spirits do not conform to any certain boundaries. What we have found is that if a person is directly being affected by ‘negative’ spirits they are likely to need some other form of energy work to free whatever negative energy is on the surface or what exactly they are attaching to/sticking on. This concept underlies the issue with those constantly seeking spirit release therapy. However, not the general rule.

We help people everyday that have a spirit attachment, whether earthbound or negative, that will experience a noticeable difference. Staying clear of another attachment is again up to the person’s individual factors. There are many different ways to be free of spirit attachment and we can show you them, but what will keep you clear is up to you.

There are various energy modalities that will help you release stuck energy that could be unbalancing your natural defences against spirit attachment. These can be found on our reference page. This includes therapists that practice inner child work, breathwork/rebirthing, past lives and shadow work.